Brave Kids of Gir

Recently we have celebrated Children’s Day. On this very special occasion, I want to share my experience of three brave kids of Gir.

‘Brave Kids of Gir’

This is the story of three kids; Hetal, Kano and Kaushik. They live in their Nes in the Gir. (Nes: Cluster of grass huts where the locals live and protect their cattle.) It was my first visit to a Nes. After a long yet adventurous walk to the Nes, we reached a temple and then visited the huts.

In the Gir, you don’t feel silence. It is ‘peace’. I was enjoying that peace; an ultimate peace of echoing mind. Meanwhile, one of us wanted some water. So we asked a woman there who was struggling to put a 3-day-old calf in the open barn along with other ones. (It did not stay there for a long and walked after that woman to come out, though!)

We got water there. There were two women and some kids. The women told us to have some tea and invited us to the home. Tea made from the purest milk!

We had a conversation with everyone. There we met Hetal, Kano and Kaushik. They were 5-year-olds. And the three of them go to school. We were actually happy to know that as this was the first thing we asked after asking their age.

These kids are special. Very special. They live in a jungle area. They are growing up in wild. They face wild animals almost every day. They know what fear is. And they know how to face it bravely. And this is not all. I was amazed to see how understanding and energetic they were! They were totally into the conversation. And their each sentence resembled how fearless they are becoming.

They are not taught hospitality. But they know how to welcome.

They are probably not taught lessons of hygiene. But nobody was there without their chappals of slippers. (Where in the cities, mothers live with constant fear; what if their kids get cough and cold!)

Hetal stopped Kaushik when he was biting his nails. These are the little things which made me smile.

After having tea, the kids took us to the pond. It is said that the Goddess had made the pond. And it never runs out of water no matter what the season is.

It was getting denser. We asked the kids if they have ever faced the animals. But facing wild animals seem very regular to them.

“Where do you play?” we asked.

“Here,” said Hetal in an obvious manner.

“What would you do if you face a lion here?”

“Nothing. Lions don’t harm you if you don’t tickle or tease them,” said the proud kid of the Gir.

Locals believe that the jungle is the home of lions. And they don’t harm you until you tickle or tease them. Residents are proud of the Gir. They call it their Mother. You would not find even a single person talking ill about the place where they are living. It is a big lesson to us who find faults in our homes.

Kids of the Gir are bold and brave. They grow up with values and love for the Gir.


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