A man throwing 500 and 1000 Rs bundles at random houses

It was almost 1:30 AM. After finishing my decided pieces of writing, I was going to sleep. But I heard some movement outside. I tried to peep out. Honestly, I was not scared. But all I wanted to know was who or what it was, then I would decide whether to scream or not.

Who can it be? Usually vampires, owls and some ‘owl-like-humans’ like me appear at this time.  (My teacher used to say that the students are like owls because they are habituated to study till late night)

Out of my surprise, I saw a man in my neighbourhood. He was in the garden. And again he surprised me when he took a stone and threw at the terrace of that house. He did it for 4 to 5 times. He was not a thief for sure. So who it was? A man with bundles of 500 and 1000 Rs notes which he wrapped around the stones and throwing at random houses? If he would come to my house and throw a couple of stones, what should I do? Catch or throw it back with all due respect (And ask for stones with 50 and 100 Rs Notes)? Just a thought!

After creating this whole story in my mind, I recognised that man. He was the resident of that house and was trying to wake someone up as the doors would be locked at 1:30 AM. (Really? Who would have done that stupid thing?)

After solving the first case as a ‘usually-idle-detective’, one more thought hit my mind,

Why didn’t he ring the door bell? Or why didn’t he give a call anyone at his home? Or at least, why didn’t he give a missed call to anyone at his home? Was’t it a high time to be high-tech?

Cover Photo: Google Search

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