Holy Scavengers


Holy Scavengers

What is this extremely weird sounding thing now? The two contradictory words, ‘Holy’ and ‘Scavengers’ are enough to hurt anyone’s spiritual emotions. But it hurts me more when I see these cattle being called to eat leftovers and kicked away when they are done. All you are doing is fooling yourself by believing that you have worshiped them. When in reality, you are making these cattle ‘Scavengers’.

I have witnessed this situation very often. In many areas of the city, in the evenings shepherds leave their cattle on roads letting them wander here and there. They feed on dump. When people see them, their urge to earn virtues occurs from somewhere. They call them at the gate of their home, put the vessel (being also used in cooking) full of leftovers in front of them, cattle feed on that. Once they are finished, the same people hustle them away. This is the condition of the Holy animals. In the morning, the shepherds come and search for their cattle. They take them with them and again come and leave in the evening.

Now where do I see the problem?

First of all, it is not called worshiping from any angle. You are just feeding these cattle the leftovers because you don’t have any place to discard it. And if not so, then why do they feed them the leftovers of mangos and the seeds are left there? So we should better stop fooling our own selves.

Is it safe to feed them such things? Isn’t greenery like grass their natural appetite?

How the milk produced by these cattle who have fed on random dump and unhealthy food is safe for calves and humans?

There are many more issues regarding breaking the rules or not having such rules at all, traffic problems, etc. But for now, let’s think of the one point: Emotion.

Our emotional attachment toward any belief or tradition is so strong that instead of understanding the logic behind any suggestion, we get hurt and continue the practice. May be, we are still misinformed or ill-informed. We better be educated in every possible area of living before putting a question mark on one’s health and hygiene.


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