“Papa, mummy, are you lucky parents?” I asked.

They were confused initially by my sudden question but answered, “Yes.”

“Why?” I asked again.

My father laughed as I usually crack statements every now and then, and then answered, “We have got such wonderful children.” But I could still sniff the humour. My mother showed enough sincerity and answered, “I have got so caring children and family. I have got more than I have ever expected.”

I already got ‘aww..’ at her emotional answer. It was not something which I was hearing for the first time. And she has always thanked God for whatever she has got and shared this with us even without asking.

But this time, it was a task given to me; to ask my parents if they think that they are lucky.

How can be it a task? You must be wondering. I was also surprised when I heard it for the first time. Let me elaborate the situation:

My nephew instead to go on a photo walk. So we went near the outskirts of the place where I live. It is near the water body and you may spot some variety of birds. It is peaceful and green; so many people come there for morning and evening walk. Many of them just pass by. Some stop and ask what we are doing. You have to park your vehicle and walk for a while to get to see birds. Today, we spotted some Pelicans, Cormorants, Mallards, Stilts, Black Drongos, and a kingfisher. And of course, evening photography always ends with sunset clicks.

On our way back, I saw a man. He was an old family friend. He saw us clicking. He asked, “What have you observed in the sky?”

I said, “The sunset. And there are some birds too if you want to see.”

He talked about the camera and our hobby of photography. By then, I knew that he had neither recognized me nor my nephew who had come with me as he was seeing us after so many years.

He said, “You know, your father and mother must be lucky.”

All we could do was smile.

He continued, “You know why, because they have got children who have smile on their faces. Today, go and ask your parents if they feel that they are lucky.”

He still did’t know that he knew us!

This logic struck me. Happiness is so important. A smile is extremely important. Not for you, but for your loved ones. Have you ever given it a thought? If you are laughing freely, what your mother or father or your loved one must be feeling? How happy they are seeing you happy? Just one sentence from that old man has taught me a lesson of mindfulness. Nobody’s life is perfect. You may have many ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups. But that could not snatch your smile from you. You just can’t let anything take away your smile from you. Who said that you can’t laugh in difficulties? You can. You definitely can. Yes, people may possibly you mad for that! But does it really matter 🙂 ? Your smile is so precious; if not for you, but definitely for your own people. From now onwards, whenever you feel disheartened or empty, instead of moulding yourself into the negative cracks and potholes, try to be more cheerful. You may find a glimpse of happiness in the vibes created by the positivity which you have just spread around you.

Let’s try to be as happier as we can and ask our parents or loved ones if they feel that they are lucky and happy. Each yes will give you more and more moral support.

Image courtesy: Google Search

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