Who does write his own destiny?


Have you ever heard about writing your own destiny? Wait. If you are going to say that you have heard it in some movie, them stop there right now. Because it is something which is more than script or fiction. I am talking about deciding your own happiness and scribble that moments of happiness into your destiny. That is something which I call writing my own destiny.

For some, God decides everything. For some Mother Nature does it. But according to me, time is the decision maker. Or at least, it is the one who makes you realise of good and bad of your present time. Fair enough as you cannot change it. So, all you can do is, find the ways to adapt to the situation and be cheerful at the same time.

If your day hasn’t gone well and you spend you all day with a down curved lips, it is the one thing you can do. But if you are well aware of yourself and the surrounding, you will find glimpse of positive energy which is enough to repair your day. It can lie in a kid’s laughter, birds’ chirping, your pet’s running here and there. Some good book and some time with your own self also play major roles.

So next time, if you are asked if you can write your destiny, do proudly say, EVERYDAY!


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