Lesson from the people who triumph


Each of us has idols or role models in life to look up to. We admire them in life. We tend to learn things from them; how to be successful or how to be a good leader or how to be a good human. The last line makes more sense than other, doesn’t it?

For my work, I have to interact with people, mostly online. And the best part of such work is this; the people. You get chance to learn real lessons from people which are out of books and theories.

If we talk about the success lessons, we always look up to our parents and grand-parents for their glorious lives. But such real time lessons are worth experiencing.

While working with completely strangers whom you know only for their work and designation is quite unconventional from the regular 9 to 5 jobs. And this has let me learn a few but really strong things. It has also broken the clichés about the definition of triumph.

I come across people with variety of work and designation. Some work domestically or some work internationally. Some are starting, just like me, or some have gained expertise with years of experience in their professions. I have hardly asked the secret behind their success. I have hardly tried to figure out the formulae to reach the pinnacle of the career. But one thing which I have been able to derive on my own is the simplicity and discipline.

Yes, these are the most common things you may hear while talking about a decent life style. But we have often come across the idea that the more you become successful or the more you reach higher designations in life, the busier you get and it tends to result into lesser attentive or lesser alert towards people’s views and queries depending on your professions. Sometimes you and I have also gone through it which is quite normal.

But what I see unique in people with triumphantly busier schedules and life styles, they are more attentive, alert and particular in dealing with other people. No complications, no procedures and no over the top decorum. They are very simple while working. You get replied and reverted in a specific time period. And this is not once in a while experience. In each individual, whom I thought was working at extremely important designations in their professions with great responsibilities; I could see the same behaviour and pattern.

This is one of the best and strongest qualities of a true responsible working woman or man irrespective of their profession. I could understand that a truly dedicated and successful person is more alert, particular, time-caring and attentive. And this is the ultimate lesson I would like to learn from them.  



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