Time, an avid Traveller!

Time is an avid Traveller. It doesn’t stay. It comes and goes. But in between, it does something that may change you or your life; it teaches. It expects you to do the same as well; welcome it, learn from it and if it goes, let it go, because you can never hold it; you can never grip it. It is never in your hands. It slips; doesn’t matter how much you try to put a hold on it.

You may celebrate it or regret over its passing. You may accept it with all your heart or curse it for being yours. You may want to have it again or never want to welcome it ever again. You may derive only positive elements from it or be prepared for the toughness of the negative aspects as well. You may bless others with the best of it or envy them for having it better. You may recall it with tearful eyes or miss it with heavy heart.

And above all, you can love it or hate it. But you cannot ignore it. And that is what a Time is. It is precious, priceless, agile, tough, and most of all, a Guru. So learn from it and do value it


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