Episode 3: Day one in the new office

Everyone cheered as soon as Yuvika stepped into the office. Her new cabin was waiting for her. She was not much surprised by the applause as she was usually loved at the office. But she always found it overwhelming.

The table in the new cabin was decorated with bouquets and pastries. The boss, Mr Dixit congratulated Yuvika and went to the bigger chair gesturing her that it was her from now.

Yuvika had always shared a friendly equation with everybody at the office including her boss. Though she was a warm-hearted person, but as a professional, she was a tough one to deal with. She had never tolerated any kind of compromise in work. Even in some incidents in past, she had fired a notorious junior trying to corrupt the system and she had also risked her own job in a dispute with an influencing client who tried to bribe the magazine. And now that she was holding the position of a chief, her colleagues cracked a joke that she would be a devil who would wear a Chief’s Prada. But everybody was happy for her and the magazine. There was no smell of envy. The environment of the office was positive and she would do anything to keep it like this. It was her second home.

As soon as Yuvika took the chair, she was called.

“Sir, you called me?” asked Yuvika taking the chair in front of Mr Dixit.

“Yes. It seems like you have already bagged a bigger fish,” said Mr Dixit with sparkling eyes.

“I don’t get it. What is it?” asked Yuvika in a confused manner.

“Mr Sinha is coming in a couple of months. We are planning to start working on a new book which will be about the magazine; right from its history to the employees to the entire journey. And being the consistent part of the magazine, we want you to monitor it. And not just an editor, we want you to contribute as a writer too. It will be your book,” continued Dixit gesturing square brackets with hands, “Written by Yuvika Shroff and Published by @ink Magazine. What do you say?”

Yuvika was stunned. It was sudden and a surprise. She loved writing and it was the biggest opportunity for her to do something on her own and for herself. She was extremely happy. She knew that it would be even more hectic from now, but without giving it a second thought, she nodded and said yes. After a while, she asked, “When did you say we are supposed to start working on it?”

“Most probably within 6 months. Once Mr Sinha comes, everything will be finalized.”

“Sir, I feel privileged that you offered me to write. But I am afraid that I won’t be able to work on it,” said Yuvika in a discouraging tone.

“Why? What’s wrong?” asked Mr Dixit, pretending his concern.

“In upcoming 5 months, we are going to feature Dalal’s story.”

“Oh Yuvika, the story is up to us. We can postpone it. Maybe after another 6 months?” said Mr Dixit, dismissing the worry on Yuvika’s face.

“Well, Sir, I don’t think that is a good idea. We have been working on it since a long and now the date we have decided should not be disturbed. Before the elections, it is supposed to get published. That’s what we had decided,” said Yuvika.

Adjusting himself in the chair, Mr Dixit said, “Don’t think too much. Mr Sinha will never postpone his visit. We have hardly managed to get his time, you see. And once he meets us, we would also not be able to delay in start working on the book. The whole procedure would have to be in a particular time frame. After all, it is for the magazine.”

Yuvika leant back and folded her hands, “Let me see sir. We will figure it out.”

“Sure. I am expecting the same.”

She rose from her chair and nodded. She left the office.

She was going to her cabin with a long chain of thoughts when a man suddenly appeared in front of her, breaking her way from the left, “Hello Chief.”

She got so petrified that she almost screamed, “Dev. You scared the hell out of me.”

She hit his right shoulder and started walking toward her cabin. Dev also started walking on her left.

“Hey, congratulations Chief,” said Dev, stopping Yuvika, coming in front of her. He shook her hand. She replied, “Thanks, Dev. And will you please stop calling me Chief?” She started walking making her way.

“Why? A chief should be called a Chief.”

They were about to reach to the cabin when Dev was greeted by a group of young interns. He blushed and nodded.

Dev Dixit was a handsome man who was in his 20s soon reaching to 30. A toned body and gelled hair with brown shining eyes always made other people turn head to see him twice. His body structure was extremely suitable for suits. Whenever he would dress up formally, like a cotton shirt and a pair of jeans, any woman could trip over to see him. Though people in his office were used to his charm, every day, he would get tons of compliments. He was also used to this routine, but this would make him extremely shy. Yuvika often got irritated with his pink cheeks which often turned red, ‘Why do you feel shy like a bride? Isn’t it a ritual for you now?’

To this, Dev replied, ‘You are just jealous because it’s me who gets such complements and not you.’

‘Hahaa. Enjoy your toffees.’

She pushed open the door of the cabin and both of them entered. “Have you eaten anything?” asked Dev. He knew her so well that he could easily say that Yuvika had been so anxious since morning as it was a completely new day for her. And whenever she went through such anxiety, she could not have even a bite of bread.

“No. I thought of having breakfast here,” said Yuvika.

Dev took the chair and Yuvika reached to her chair opposite Dev’s.

He suggested, “So let’s go to canteen first and have breakfast. We can’t have our new Chief fainted due to starvation.” Again being called Chief, Yuvika got annoyed narrowing her eyebrows.

“Yes. Let’s go. But just a minute. I have some papers to file.” She took the papers and started arranging and stapling them.

“So how’s it different?” asked Dev.

“What?” she asked while pulling the file out of the drawer.

“This cabin and your new day as, sorry to say, but Chief?” He chuckled.

“Of course it is different.” Putting the file on the stack on her left, she said, “I am recently offered to work on the book for the magazine.”

“Oh wow. That’s great. So are you going for it?” asked Dev showing much enthusiasm.

“Don’t act as if you know nothing.” Dev smiled on that. She continued, “And of course I am working on it. How could I say no to such an opportunity? But,” She left the sentence sinking in thoughts.

“But? Is anything wrong?” Dev leant forward to the table and asked.

“I am just worried for the schedules. I don’t know how I am going to manage it. But anyway, I will find some way.”

“What schedules? I don’t get it,” asked Dev with a comforting smile on his face.

“The Dalal’s story is also scheduled for upcoming months. You forgot?” asked Yuvika widening her eyes.

“Oh,” said Dev, leaning back, the smile faded away. “Of course not. But I don’t think that you need to worry that much. Everything will be sorted out. You will do okay.”

“I hope I can make everything fine,” said Yuvika looking at Dev. She found him lost. “Dev. Are you even hearing me?”

“Huh? Oh yes. Of course.”

He tried to make his face as calm as possible. But he felt an urge and a burning sensation inside. He felt like something was hammering his mind. He didn’t want Yuvika to see him like that. He got up and started walking to the door saying, “I will see you in the canteen.”

Read the consecutive story here: https://faceoffiction.wordpress.com/consecutive-story/

The story is a complete fiction. Any resemblance to the real world is a pure coincidence. 

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