“You are just a student,” I said.

My nephew is a bright student. He stood school first last year. But unlike many, we chose not to showcase his mark sheet as a proof of his excellence. His school has started. Today was his second day when I had to say the above line.

No, he is not a swagger. In fact he is one of the most modest people I know around. But such facts have to be shown sometimes. He has always scored highest in almost every exam. We expect the best from him and hope for his brighter future. He is confident enough, which is a big thing to witness as the boy of such a young age has so much confidence in himself. But this is the time when I advise him another cliché, “Confidence is good, but over confidence is..” You figured out, right?

But in hustle of race of being excellent and staying number one, we forget one thing to do; to make them realize that it is okay if you are weak in one or two subjects, it is alright if you don’t know the answer of any question, it is allowed to stand 4th or 5th, or I would say, 20th. It doesn’t matter beyond an extent. Trust me. It may make you, your teachers and your family happy. But this is not the certificate to ensure your happy life.

Him being excellent or brightest scared me when he got disappointed for not winning “Best Student” trophy. It mattered to him so much! I wondered. Initially I laughed at his innocence. But I saw it as stupidity when he took it seriously. I mean, really? How much does that matter of does that matter at all?

I remember, our Head of The Department said, “It is okay if you are dull in some subjects. Even I am. I am good JAVA. But I am not in PHP or OS.”

We often say ‘Respect your teacher’. I often write on it too. But let’s not forget to make the students understand that they are just students now. They are learning. ‘May be they know nothing’, let’s just keep it that way. They have to learn things first. And it is the only purpose.


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